MATI comes from the word “mitti” meaning mud.. originated from mati we forget the significance of it as we evolve in our complicated lives but nature has its way and when death plays its part we are back to just granules of mud from where our journey began..

Mati is a versatile and under-rated material, there’s lot to it then just a mixture of water and silt .It has and is still been used for a huge variety of purposes by mankind for millennia, for building,for medicinal  to name just a few, and  most importantly as a medium for art.

How strongly its holding our traditions together for ages can be seen from the world’s largest mud building the great mosque in Djenne(west Africa).

What brings mud into the realm of ritual is the durga puja  in which a handful of mud from the courtyard of prostitute is used in making the idol . the sole reason to include those who are totally excluded from our society.

Hence to rise above the differences of caste and creed and Not to forget our roots and our essence of  existence we have named our organisation “MATI”



Like mati, art also has an ancient lineage.In history,through mati art developed a medium to express  even before the alphabets were invented .Some of the very earliest artworks were created with mud – using it not only as a sculptural medium, but also as a pigment, with its color varying from yellow ochres, to rich red siena’s to dark umbers (all pigments which are traditionally derived from mud).The earliest known Western paintings were executed  within caves of southern Europe during the Paleolithic period, some 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. Like mati art carries and passes on its traditions and cultures through Aboriginal paintings and engravings .

Every piece of music, play, poem, sculpture and design all form collectively and without losing its individuality are forms of art..Art is anything and everything we look at,the ability to express it through a medium whether through as famous an art form as a sculpture or as discrete a form as a grilled fish beautifully garnished. Art could be an expression, an emotion, an interpretation, a response, or a tradition.

Taking inspiration from mud’s adherent and binding property our organisation “Mati” aims to be  a strong binding force which would preserve the traditional art and heritage and bond the broken link between the traditional folk tribal and contemporary art.

Trying to live up to its name and be the roots and the future of art and heritage MATI (Management of Art Treasures of India) is a trust dedicated to the promotion of India’s alternative art heritage, and be a discursive platform for its continuing journeys. It aims to be a platform for both discursive growth and value generation.

primary forcus area of MAti would be to a build a Contemporary Folk Art Archive:
The basic purpose of the archive- to build documentation, valuation, collection centre for modernist and contemporary folk art.  Originals, Photographs, Film & Video, Audio (oral histories), will be the modes of archiving, with a   clear mandate to not separate objects for their stories. The aim of CFAR will be to do away with the work folk itself, and establish a history of contemporary art from rural and tribal India.

CFAR will also seek to run a bi annual journal on South Asia’s Alternative Art Traditions.

Through MATI people would get an opportunity to learn more about the influences of artists,a platform to interact directly with the artists know the nuances of the creative world.This would be achieved through

  • Conducting Seminars, discussion sessions, on contemporary rural and tribal art, visual and sound cultures.
  • Discussion sessions, exhibitions on contemporary video, performance and sound art.
  • Organising alternative art fairs
  • Conducting heritage tours to archaeological/heritage sites, giving deep historical insights with a focus to open new/parallel understandings of India’s cultural heritage.


Our Trustees :
Ilina Chittoproti
Rabi Das
Siddarth Tagore
Saudamani Mishra

The Team:
Paramjot Walia – Convenor
Prashanta Seal- Designer

Media Support: Art&Deal Magazine Media Graphics