Origin of Art and Great Civilizations covered on 7th July imparted awareness about the birth stories of art,about the origin and development if the human societies .A descriptive and innovative discussion on Indus Valley,Egyptian,Mesopotamian,Greek and Roman civilizations.

The lecture was conducted by Mrinal Kulkarni,a delhi based art historian and pedagogue.She is an Associate Professor at the Art History department of Jamia Millia Islamia,New Delhi.


13th 14th July Lectures by Sanhita Bowal

Architecture and Art  covered on 13th July 2013 explained the development of architecture and its relevance in art. It threw light on the importance of  Architecture in various civilizations explaining art as a part of architecture.

Pre-Renaissance and Renaissance in the West covered on 14th July 2013 explored the fundamentals of Pre-Renaissance and Renaissance art.Starting from Renaissance in socio-political, religio-economic contexts and Pre-Renaissance art in Europe,the session moved towards Vasari’s Lives of Artists and Dutch and Flemish Experiments in art.


Art and Aesthetics

by Mrinal Kulkarni on 27th July

This session addressed the codified rules of art productions called aesthetics. From Plato to Umberto Eco, aesthetics has a long history which is essential to understand art and its history. This session explored the history of aesthetics and its relation with art.


Lecture on “Indian Art

by Y.S. Alone on 28th July

This session explored the development of Indian art traditions.It took us on the informative journey from the Pre-Mughal Art to the Mughal period and after. The lecture covered the Arrival of Colonialism,Company School painting and Kalighat Paintings


Printmaking Session by Rajan Fulari

on 17th August

Printmaking workshop showing Lithographs and Etching


Successful completion of Art History Certificate Course

Certificate distribution ceremony by course director Johny ML