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Environment Day

E-inviteEnvironment Day with a fun, interactive session with a young environmentalist, Anshul, followed by a hands-on session with artists, Gopal and Vinita. The artists were amazed to see the kids’ imagination, enthusiasm and dedication with which they painted.  participated Vinita, Gopal , Apurva- with Dronah , Anshul the environmentalist , Neelam with Mati .MATI INDIA, AID Gurgaon’s Prerna Centre with Dronah Foundation
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Art History Course – Painting

This course would focus on the history of painting reaching back in time to artifacts from pre-historic humans. Painting has been a form of expression since pre-historic era to early 20th century when it relied primarily on representational, religious and classical motifs. The course explores the journey from the earlier cave paintings to today’s more abstract and contemporary approach.

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You could visit us at Management of Art Treasures of India,F-209, Old MB Road,Lado Sarai,Delhi.
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  • EVOLUTION OF INDIAN ART: PAINTING – 24th  May ‘14(Saturday) by Dr...
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Panel Discussion

With the Christies coming to India some say Indian art market has remained relatively insulated from other markets and is unaffected by the economic slump others say art industry has taken a downturn and art is facing an identity crisis.

To hear what the experts say, MATI is organizing a panel discussion in which people from the Art industry would come together and discuss the current market situation and how the economic meltdown has affected the Indian contemporary Art market.

panel discussion_invite

Come and be part of this discussion.

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Warm Box Project


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MATI 16 Days Art, History and Understanding Certificate Course-invite

mati e invite

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MATI- Preserving the Art & Heritage of our Times…..


MATI comes from the word “mitti” meaning mud.. originated from mati we forget the significance of it as we evolve in our complicated lives but nature has its way and when death plays its part we are back to just granules of mud from where our journey began..

Mati is a versatile and under-rated material, there’s lot to it then just a mixture of water and silt .It has and is still been used for a huge variety of purposes by mankind for millennia, for building,for medicinal to name just a few, and  most importantly as a medium for art.

How strongly its holding our traditions together for ages can be seen from the world’s largest mud building the great mosque in Djenne(west Africa).

What brings mud into the realm of ritual is the durga puja  in which a handful of mud from the...

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Traditional Indian Art-Revisited

Taking inspiration from mud’s adherent and binding property our organisation “Mati” aims to be  a strong binding force which would preserve the traditional art and heritage and bond the broken link between the traditional folk tribal and contemporary art.

Every month we would open a new leaf from huge book of rich art history,doing our bit in making people aware of our traditional art history .Traditional Indian Art-Revisited

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